Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cabo 2009

2009 marked our 11th trip to Cabo San Lucas. Our first trip was in 1993. Cabo San Lucas hasn't really changed much. The area around Cabo sure has grown though. Cabo has gone from about 30,000 people in the early 90's to around 180,000 people this year. There have been a few new resorts pop up here and there but for the most part "downtown" Cabo has remained the same. There is a small mall and some street construction going on but those are about the only things that have changed since our first trip.

This year we ventured to a small village called "Santiago" that we had only driven through before. We learned of a "cascadas" (waterfall) so we decided to visit it. It is a really neat little town with a great restaurant/hotel called "Palomar". The waterfall was really cool too. It is about 40 feet tall and surrounded by granite boulders and river bed. This is it's low flow time of year so it wasn't real big but it was nice. Yes, Cheney and I both jumped off the cliff. Cheney jumped right off without hesitation and loved it...........until he hit the water. The initial impact scared him a little but I think he'll be ready to go again next time we visit. haha.

It was a very relaxing trip and of course was not long enough but we are glad to be home. Here is just a sampling of the pictures I took this week. Enjoy.

Just hangin' out before dinner.

Our view for the week.

Cheney geared up and ready to ride.

Our sweet ride for the week........I guess I owe an apology to all you mini-van driving soccer mom's out there. It wasn't so bad to cruise this thing around all week.

Cheney standing on the "Tropic of Cancer" marker on Hwy 1 in Baja.

Entrance to a great little zoo in Santiago, BCS, Mexico. It's totally free that operates on private funding and donations only.

King of the jungle......or at least this zoo.

View of the waterfall from the trail we hiked down.

Another view of the waterfall or "cascada". It's at least 40' tall.

Cheney and I atop the boulder to the right of the waterfall.

Cheney went first..........great canonball form!

My turn..........starting my double front flip with a half pike twist, blah, blah, blah. I just sissy jumped in and went straight down.

Medano Beach next to the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Great restaurants and beach activities.

Typical touristy photo with "Lands End" behind them.

Chandler running away from the waves.......at one point she told me, "they just keep coming daddy!"

Kiddos striking a pose showing off their guns in front of the Sea of Cortez.

View of our resort from the "lookout" tower. Weather was beautiful.

Most beautiful 3 1/2 year old I've ever seen.

Remember what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo? They will love these printed in their Senior yearbooks. haha

Entrance to our resort. Beatiful at night AND during the day.

Thanks for viewing.