Thursday, April 30, 2009


The thoughts that run through my head everytime I see a red rose bush are endless. I think of things that are associated with God's beauty, feelings, memories, pain, and love. Don't worry, I won't get all mushy on you. This particular rose bush is at Grandma Cloughly's house. It reminds me of the bush that used to grow (or maybe still does) at my Great-Great-Grandmothers house. When my sister and I were younger we would ride the bus to Houston to see our Grandparents and they would take us to my Granny's Mom's house on Walker Street. This was an old house with a great front porch with a swing on it. Right next to the front porch grew this giant red rose bush. I learned later on in life that this particular bush had been cut from the original which was planted years before. If I would have known the history that this red rose bush bore then I never would have tried to be all Evil Knieval off the front porch trying to jump over it, injuring it and myself several times. Granny would always shake a finger at me and tell me not to do that, then would offer me some lemonade. No punishment? She was a spoiler, that's for sure. Anyway, my mom has the original bush and it is thriving at her house. Think about it, this rose bush is 116 years old. Several years ago my mom gave me a "cutting" and we planted it............... Sadly it didn't last very long. I am determined to try again though. Wouldn't it be neat to have some of these roses alive and blooming at Chandler's wedding? See...a simple rose bush can emit more than just a pretty picture.
I know I'm a guy and I am not supposed to be all weird like this, but oh well.
You'll get over it.
I will try to find some pics of the original bush and post them later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost time...........

Cheney is getting pretty pumped up for summer. Not so he can sleep in and "play" all day and go to summer camps and lay around by the pool with Mom and Chandler and Meme. He is getting excited because the start of summer means he can get ANOTHER MOHAWK!!! This is last years version. This years is going to be bigger and better because he has been letting his hair "growout" for probably 3 months. His hair is super thick.....much like mine USED to be haha. So this years MOHAWK should be a good one. To be continued........

Monday, April 27, 2009


Aren't these just the cutest feet?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids and cameras

What do you think this is? Cheney was giggling as he took this.