Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cheney's First Deer Season Comes To An End

***Warning: PETA members please navigate away from this page***
Well as most of you know Cheney and I were invited to join a deer lease this past year with some very good friends. We had a great time hanging out and viewing some of God's creations for the past 4 months or so. The lease is pretty strict about "harvesting" bucks and we really aren't in the market for a "trophy buck". We just wanted to hang out, spend some quality time together, and eventually shoot a doe to get some meat.
Well we managed to do all three this season with the last one coming on one of the last weekends of the legal hunting season. Cheney kept asking me why we had waited so long to shoot a deer and I told him that we were waiting for the right one. Well that was only part of the reason. Dad didn't want to shoot a doe too early and then not have any real reason to go back to the lease to do more of the hanging out and spending quality time together. Remember.....I'm a genius. HAHAHA
The following pictures show Cheney's first deer harvest. He had a "little" help from Dad, but that's ok. He doesn't have his own deer rifle yet and Dad's is a little big for him still. Next year he'll hopefully be using his own rifle. He already has one picked out. He knows all about it too. It's a youth model .243 with a 3-9 X 40 scope! Ask him about it sometime and watch his face light up.
Here is Cheney lining up on some hogs. I don't have any pictures of the actual shot of us shooting the doe because I didn't want to scare them off and I was "helping" him. He's got pretty good form doesn't he.

A few minutes after the shot. This was the doe we had been tracking. She was really big and at least 3 1/2 years old. We estimated her weight to be over 100 pounds. Be sure to click on the pictures to see the enlarged views and the beaming smile on his face.

Back at camp we got ready to hang it up and start cleaning. Cheney got some gloves on and was very excited to see some blood and guts!!!!

It got dark on us pretty quick. Our friends Shawn and his son Mason also shot a doe this afternoon too and they cleaned theirs first. Cheney and I are pretty new to this so we took the opportunity to learn a few things from Shawn. He is a great guy and new friend from Houston. Mason shot his first official doe this trip too. Both boys were pumped up pretty high.

Uh, Cheney.......where are you? Why is Mason helping me clean this thing and not you? Oh yeah, I forgot, you said you'd take pictures for me. I'll let you slide this one time.

We have also spotted several nice bucks coming through our pasture. The following pictures are of a real nice and wide 8 pointer. He's not real old but already has a nice rack on him. We'll give him a few more years and see just how big he gets.

Check out this rear view picture. He looks really wide here........

This is another 8 pointer that isn't as wide but has a nice rack also.

Now Cheney can't wait to cook up some venison steaks and sausage!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Another Day

This past Tuesday started off like any other weekday for me lately. I Woke up to the sound of Lisa hitting the snooze button a minimum of 5 times. Then I really woke up to the blinding light of her dressing area as she dolls up for the day. I roll out of bed (really it's a roll move I perfected years ago), go pry the kids out of bed, try my hardest to help get them ready for school without any major meltdowns and take them to school. Being a stay at home Dad is hard work.

Anyway, I get back to the house after depositing the kids in the proper locations and sit on the couch to check email and see how many job offers I have from Monster, Yahoo, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, etc, etc.. No legitimate ones this day except for the usual "work from home" and "make $297 an hour by posting ads on google". I may have to try that one out..........

No, really, back to my day. As I'm "surfing" and catching up on world news with Regis and Kelly I keep hearing some "scurrying" coming from above me. I go outside half a dozen times only to find the usual 4 to 5 squirrels running around the trees and stopping to check me out. We have really smart squirrels. We have one that can actually get into a "squirrel proof" bird feeder. It was actually a fun thing to watch. I have photographic proof somewhere............ "George" (as we like to call him) would jump from the tree out 5 feet to the chain holding up the feeder and then "unscrew" the lid and dive down into a sunflower seed mixed heaven until he had to literally shimmy his way back out from over-indulgence.

After realizing that this sound was actually coming from the attic I grabbed a flashlight and headed up. As I'm searching through the attic I begin to wonder just what really is up there. I am just assuming it is a squirrel. Not seeing or hearing anything I try my stealth mode. Sitting for a few minutes I hear it!! It's right below me!! Okay, now I'm thinking here I am home alone hunting/stalking some unknown creature in my attic. What if it's a 50 pound squirrel that got trapped and just grew and grew. You know you hear about those alligators and snakes in the sewer systems of New York. You just never know. Upon further investigation I realize it's running back and forth in the plumbing vent line that crosses the attic and exits the roof. No problem. I'll just make some noise and hit my flashlight on the pipe and it'll get scared and run back out the pipe the same way it came in.......

Problem 1. Slick pipe and slippery squirrel claws (at least I think it's a squirrel).

Problem 2. Said pipe takes a 90 degree turn up and out the roof (about a 4 foot vertical rise).

Problem 3. In this instance, 2 problems are plenty.

Here is a picture of the "pipe".

Wait............I'm a genius.

I get out of the attic, go to the garage and grab some "supplies". I proceed to come back to the house with a ladder and some rope. I figure if my squirrels (I still think it's a squirrel) are so smart, I'll just throw the little guy a life-line and he'll climb right out. So I set up the ladder and climb up on the roof. I proceed to afix the life saving line that will save one of God's creatures. Here it is.

I'm sitting there for a few minutes and think that this might be kinda cool. Any minute this little thing will stick his head out of the pipe, give me a look/sigh of relief, a nod of the head, and he/she will be off into the great blue yonder. But wait.........I need to get a picture of this because nobody will ever believe me. So I start down the ladder but stop. I don't want this great escape to happen while I'm going to get my camera. I hurry back up to the roof and yank that lifeline right out of the hands of the one I am trying to save. Okay, skipping ahead a few minutes, I now have camera in hand and have lowered the lifeline back down to give freedom to something. So I sit there.........and sit there.........and even "wiggle" the rope thinking that it might entice or grab the attention of the little thing. Nope. Not happening. It's now that I notice what a beautiful day it is. Not a cloud in the sky and perfect weather for sitting on the roof looking in your pipes. Here is a picture of how pretty the day was.

Okay, so now it's been a long time (I am not going to admit just how long I actually sat there). Several neighbors have come outside to see what I was up to but none have dared to actually ask. They just come outside and look at me and shake their heads and go back to their daily routine of being grumpy old men and women.

I have now decided that this wasn't going to work. What if the animal thinks that my lifeline is actually a snake? What if it thinks it's a noose? What if, What if, What if?

I have errands to run and jobs to find but I am NOT leaving the house without this mission accomplished. I go back to the garage and grab a saw. I'll just cut the pipe in half and wait......... What if this thing comes screaming out of the pipe and is loose in the attic? That would be better than the pipe but I surely don't want a squirrel loose in the attic. But wait, I'm a genius remember? I grab a "sack" and place over the pipe as quickly as possible. Here goes.........

Alright, so that isn't working either. I have to take more drastic measures. I have resisted placing my head directly in line of fire of the "pipe" until now to actually see what I've been hunting. I mean who wants a mad, scared, animal, with obvious claws to come jumping out at them with their head looking into their pipe? I take a very careful look.......first to one side and nothing, then to the other and nothing again. What? Am i freaking out? I KNOW there was some kind of animal in my pipes! I am NOT imagining this. So now I'm trying to decide that if maybe while I was sawing the pipe in half if the little thing actually climbed my lifeline. I exit the attic really quick and go look at the rope. Nope, it still looks the same. Surely if something were to grab it and use it to pull themselves to freedom it would have been pulled tight into the pipe. It wasn't. It was just as I had left it. Back to the attic.

Now I start to disassemble the pipe further into the attic. I take off the section I had just cut and look down into the pipe as it goes down into the wall.

AHA!! Just as I suspected!! It is a squirrel!! And now its stuck in the vertical pipe that goes down the wall. Crap!! Now what? Well here it is. In the second picture you can see the white of the squirrels face. Luckily I don't think it's George. This poor little thing is scurrying like crazy and all I can think of is I hope it doesn't get some traction because my face is about 3 inches from the end of this pipe.

So.....New questions/dilemnas. How do you get a squirrel out of the vertical section of vent pipe in your attic/wall? Just where does this vent pipe go to? What happens if the thing dies in there? Will it actually harm the plumbing? But most important question.....Will this thing try to make his escape out of the toilet (because i know vent pipes lead there too) while Lisa is sitting on it? How much money could be won if I were to videotape said "escape"? Do i dare? Nope, not this time. Maybe with Cheney, but not Lisa.

So just how do you get a squirrel out of your vent pipe? Google does not have many suggestions by the way.

I could suck it out with the vaccuum or shop vac, but i don't think the suction would be strong enough.

I could try to afix a coat hanger "hook" and pull it out but I don't think I could reach it.

Wait..........hook it! That's right. "Hook it". One more trip to the garage for the fishing pole. Stop laughing. I really and truly thought this would work........and it almost did. Know this people...........8 p0und test fishing line will NOT hold a squirrel. I did manage to hook him a few times but he always seemed to get away. I do have the fur to prove it. Please don't ask what I intended to do after I actually HOOKED it because I have no idea. I mean, I have caught big bass, catfish, and even a 9 foot SAILFISH but the thought of this actually scared me more than that.

After about..............trust me............what seemed like forever. This really seemed to irritate the little guy. I would have to drop the hook and weights onto him and I could hear him scurrying and scurrying and scooting and crawling and do whatever it is that squirrels do in your vent pipes. Then, there it was..................silence. The thing was gone. The whole squirrel jumping out of toilet image keeps popping into my head. Seriously, it was gone. Several possibilities possible here.

1. It is STILL in there somewhere by the vent to the toilet.
2. It already crawled out of the toilet.
3. It made it into the MAIN drain line/sewer line.

I really want to go with option 3 on this. I would hate to think it is now loose in the house now and besides, if it was, I really think we would have known it by now. Then if it was still in the lines somewhere you would think that we'd be having some kind of problems with the lines (we aren't). So, I'll leave you with this final thought. If you ever hear of a giant squirrel emerging from the sewer system in Seguin................you'll know the real story.
I know, I know...........not the ending you were hoping for but that was my Tuesday. I hope the next one is just as exciting.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My wife Lisa TAGGED me on her blog so I am now forced to blog again. I really should have blogged more since October but (jokingly) haven't really been inspired to do so. Anyway, the tag rules are to post a picture but not any picture. It has to be the 4th picture from the 4th album in my pictures files. Here it is.............

No, this isn't my car, but happened to be in the folder of pictures of my car. For those of you who don't know I am a fan of the Chevrolet Corvette. Ever since my Dad brought home "our" first one in 1978. It was a 1976 Stingray and was a sweet ride. Over the next 10 to 12 years Dad bought and sold several Corvettes. My sister Stepheny and I could probably tell some good stories about the 1977 Corvette that We both got to drive. Well...............29 years later, the next picture is of the car that now sits in our garage!!! It has been a really fun car to drive and show off. Cheney begs to cruise to Kirby's every Friday night because according to him it's "Cool Car Night" there.

The last rule of the game is to tag other bloggers but since I don't look at other blogs too much except for those that have already played this game then I guess.................game over.