Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Brasil Pictures

In my last post I commented on how beautiful Brasil and the people of Brasil are.
Here are some random photos of our Mission Trip last month.
Yes, that is a bunch of crabs tied up on the street. I still don't know what their crime was. Yes, that is a cooked chicken foot on my plate. Yes, it did taste like chicken. Yes, that is my newest Brazilian buddy. He and his brother are bicycling across Brasil selling their handmade jewelry. I told them when they made it to Texas they should look us up and stay with us. I'm sure Lisa is going to love that! Yes, that is a wild boar tooth around his neck. Yes, that is my new most favorite sport. It's called Kitesurfing and totally amazing to watch. I wish there was a kitesurfing channel. hahaha. It's ridiculous how fast they go and how they can harness the wind to take them in almost every direction.
There will be more pics someday................sorry I am so slow to post. Have a great week.