Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Brasil Pictures

In my last post I commented on how beautiful Brasil and the people of Brasil are.
Here are some random photos of our Mission Trip last month.
Yes, that is a bunch of crabs tied up on the street. I still don't know what their crime was. Yes, that is a cooked chicken foot on my plate. Yes, it did taste like chicken. Yes, that is my newest Brazilian buddy. He and his brother are bicycling across Brasil selling their handmade jewelry. I told them when they made it to Texas they should look us up and stay with us. I'm sure Lisa is going to love that! Yes, that is a wild boar tooth around his neck. Yes, that is my new most favorite sport. It's called Kitesurfing and totally amazing to watch. I wish there was a kitesurfing channel. hahaha. It's ridiculous how fast they go and how they can harness the wind to take them in almost every direction.
There will be more pics someday................sorry I am so slow to post. Have a great week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brazil Mission Trip 2008

For those of you who don't know, I have spent the last 9 days in Luiz Correia, Brasil on a Mission Trip with our Church. Luiz Correia is on the Northeastern coast of Brasil close to Parnaiba. This is our third trip to this village. The previous trips wer construction type trips where we helped to build some living quarters and some work shops for the local workers who were staying at a rehabilitation center. The guys staying there were admitted to the center to try to kick their drug and alcohol addictions.

This trip was dedicated to witnessing to the people of a little village down the road from Luiz Correia called Coconut Beach. The people there are very warm and inviting. We could walk up to their gates and clap and they would come out, say hello to us and the next thing we know, we are sitting in their living rooms or on their porches visiting. We had several local translators with us to help. I tried my best to use as much spanish/portuguese as I could but it was not enough.

The following are some random pictures of our week. I believe God truly blessed us on our trip as well as the people from Coconut Beach. A group of people have already decided to start meeting for Bible Study at the local school. Imagine that, a school letting the local church meet in their classrooms to hold Bible Study!!!

Two girls that helped us on our local visits. Annie on the left and Janaina on the right.

Group of kids who attend our host Church: Primera Igreja Bautista (First Baptist Church)

Visiting with some people.

Conducting Vacation Bible School for about 100 kids IN THE SCHOOL!!!

On a side note...........This area of Brasil is very beautiful with all kinds of landscape. I did manage to get over 500 pictures while here with about half being of the area itself. Check back later for another posts of just pictures.

On another side note..........while we were there in Coconut Beach the local resort (I say the local resort because it is the only one around this area) is holding their annual Kite Surfing Championship. They say the beaches here are perfect for this sport because of the prevailing winds and the angle they hit the beach. This weekend was to determine the Brasil National Champion and Next weekend will be to determine the International Champion. I had the opportunity to watch the guys and girls kite surf and it looks totally awesome dude. I wanted to try it, but with all the local surfers involved in the competition there was really nobody available to teach me. That and the fact that it was going to cost about $100 per hour and they suggest at least 5 hours!!!!!!!!!! I'll post pictures of that too later.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Potential Waterpark

I am going to Rockport to make a presentation to the city council about building a waterpark in their city. This is a great business opportunity for the company!!

The following video was part of a news report in Corpus Christi. It is fun to work on local projects.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend at the Hunting Camp

Cheney and I took advantage of the Labor Day Holiday and headed down to the ranch Sunday after church. There was still some work that needed to be done on the blind and some other things to tend to. Some friends and their kiddos went down also, so the WORK trip turned into a PLAY trip for Cheney. In all reality, it was pretty much a play trip for Daddy too. We took care of the blind touch ups and then hung out and discovered new parts of the ranch. Cheney had a good time cruising around on the four wheeler checking things out. We discovered new parts of the ranch we hadn't been to yet. All that's left to do is a little shredding and we will be ready to go!!!

The boys hangin' out.

Cheney in the Barn.

This would have made Mommy nervous.

He learned this move from His buddies.

Hunter Dude.

Finishing up the blind.

The guys joked and told me I should have painted my blind sky blue as high as it is. I guess they are right. haha

I thought we were feeding the deer? Ha Ha

Sunset Sunday night.

Friday, August 15, 2008